Metrics are at the heart of our strategy. Our teams use the best tools to measure and monitor all your campaigns, whose impact we can thus interpret and analyse in fine detail – for better execution and optimal performance.



Your campaign data accessible online at all times in a tailored report format (KPIs, media type, timing)



A holistic piece of work done with key players that we select as per your needs (Holimetrix, Admo, Realytics, Tvsquared)


Analytics & Tracking

Google Analytics, Google Campaign Manager, Adform, Eulerian, Adloox…



A proprietary methodology specially developed to measure campaigns’ effectiveness across all key dimensions identified for our clients


Digital Ad Ratings (DAR)

To measure how well your digital campaigns cover your target audience



An econometric model to measure the ROI of your campaigns

CoSpirit research institute

We can also measure the impact of your campaigns through quantitative and qualitative studies, in partnership with Groupe CoSpirit’s in-house research unit.