Our manifesto

La France de […]

France is unique, and so are the French. The same type of person differs from north to south, and from east to west. This is true of Jean, Nouria, Kevin and Sophie: same profile and aspirations, but different behaviours due to their environment. That changes everything – and reflects France’s rich diversity. Which is why MediaTrack draws on La France de […], your brand’s unique media territory in France.

Thanks to our highly granular knowledge of France and its inhabitants, to our acute understanding of how brands and products are established nationwide, and to our expertise in media and their local power, we recommend strategy, resources and tactics specific to each context.

For you, we select the right mix of national, multi-local and local. We deliver a targeted message in the right place and the right channel. We prefer bespoke, zero-wastage campaigns. They are closer to their target, more economical – and above all, far more effective!

La France de […] is “the France of” your brand!

animates us

Collective spirit

We’re better together.

To recommend media actions that fully match your ambition, we work with you and your partners. Out on the ground, we always stay tight-knit!


Our greatest asset.

Our complementary skillsets, our experience of the French territory, our cutting-edge expertise (geomarketing, insight, research, content, data analysis…), our portfolio of unique clients, our many backgrounds… You get the message: we cherish diversity.


We love new ventures and stepping off the beaten path.

We will take you to new destinations, along new routes. Our boldness, our urge to explore and our intrinsic curiosity are why we innovate daily to achieve your goals – and, beyond that, to help you realise your ambitions.


To go straight for goal, we know which path to take – and we take it.

We apply this desire for efficiency and reality every day, to tangibly meet your expectations and lose nothing along the way.


Being and staying independent is a big deal.

It gives us the freedom to act and move as we wish – which a different kind of big deal, and priceless. This integrity, freedom, clarity and interactive proximity are central to the values of Local Planet, the independent agency network of which we are a founder member.